Why Wouldn’t Viola Davis Get into This Hero-Villain Argument?

Viola Davis has reiterated her stance in her latest interview that she will not get involved in the debate regarding her character Ma Rainey of her upcoming film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” In the interview, Davis said that she is not interested in getting into an argument about whether her character is a hero or an antagonist.

The star of the film has seen her character neither as a hero nor as a villain.

Viola Davis will be seen alongside Chadwick Bose man in the Netflix film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” The film will be released on Netflix

Viola Davis has established herself as a veteran actress known for portraying strong and passionate women, which was kind of rare a decade ago. She won an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for the film “Fences.”

In the upcoming film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” she will again be seen in a fierce and strong protagonist (and titular) role of Ma Rainey.

She has recently given an interview to CinemaBlend and has explained why she does not see her character either as a hero or a villain.

She has explained that the reason she cannot categorize her character as a hero or villain is that she cannot. It is not in the DNA of an actor to do that. It is not her job. As an actor, her job is to portray the character honestly. As far as being a hero or a villain is concerned, it is for the audience to decide. Being a hero or a villain is subject to their judgment.

She further explained that she had tried her very best to portray her as a human being. She lives in a world that does not want to value or even treat her like a human being. However, she fights their judgment because she knows who she is. She fully understands what her worth in this world is, and she is not ready to be bogged down by the judgments of the privileged people.

Davis further expounded that Ma Rainey is no ordinary woman. She is someone that sends shockwaves to everyone living in the year 1927. Davis regards her as a truly free woman. She was mighty impressed with the way the character was written. She said that she belongs to those who live a life larger than themselves, and people wonder where they have come from.

She informed in the interview that Ma Rainey was actually born in Columbus, Georgia.

Chadwick Boseman will be seen for the final time in the film. Do not miss out on the film “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” which will get released on Netflix

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